About us

Where to Ski and Snowboard is now Britain’s only annual ski resort guidebook, and this is the complementary website. The book has been published since 1994, and for most of the period since then has been annual. The 2016 edition is the 20th.

The editors of Where to Ski and Snowboard are Chris Gill and Dave Watts, who met working as writers at Consumers’ Association: Chris became editor of Holiday Which? and Dave became editor of Which? itself. Hence, a consumerist attitude comes naturally. In his final years at CA, Chris formulated and edited the first edition of the seminal Good Skiing Guide – the original warts-and-all guide to ski resorts. He continued to edit that book until he and Dave launched Where to Ski and Snowboard. The Good Skiing and Snowboarding Guide (as it became) ceased publication some years ago, and all other attempts to establish a competitor to Where to Ski and Snowboard have failed.

This site contains some information from the guidebook, but not surprisingly we don’t give it all away. You can learn more about the book and buy copies at a discount on this page.

Chris Gill – Editor

Dave Watts – Editor

Abi Butcher – Web Editor