Dave tests more of next season’s skis

9th March 2017, by Dave Watts

Two of Dave’s favourite skis: the Head Supershape Magnum (left) and Head Strong Instinct Ti

Two of Dave’s favourite skis: the Head Supershape Magnum (left) and Head Strong Instinct Ti

Since Wednesday morning’s blog I’ve tested a lot more of next season’s new skis that will be on sale this autumn.

The test is being held in Kühtai in Austria and is organised by the Snowsports Industry of Great Britain (a trade body made up of manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and the media).

After the all mountain advanced skis that I reported on last time, I moved on to on-piste expert skis aimed at good skiers who want to spend most of their time on- rather than off-piste.

Out of the 12 skis in the group, all nominated by different manufacturers, two stood out for me.

I’ve skied the Head Supershape Magnum (on the left in the picture above) a couple of times before and loved it. Yet again it stood out from the pack for its great smooth ride and ability to make long and short turns perfectly at both high and low speeds.

The other stand-out ski is new for next season – Fischer’s The Curv GT, loosely based on its World Cup race skis. It worked brilliantly well, turning easily and powerfully and giving you a very stable platform for the whole ride.

Both these skis worked quite well off-piste too, despite being flagged as piste-specific.

Next up was a complete contrast – all mountain skis designed for intermediates buying their first pair of skis.

Out of the 10 skis in the group, many punched above their weight and would allow progression up to advanced skier standard. These included the Volkl Kenjo which was easy to ski and gave excellent performance on- and off-piste.

But my stand-out ski in the group was the Head Strong Instinct Ti (on the right in the picture above). This was super-easy to ski and turn both on- and off-piste and gave you a very smooth ride and a solid platform which will give any intermediate confidence to progress and ski better and faster.

Next I am moving on to test all mountain skis for experts and on-piste skis designed for intermediates. News on them in a couple of days.

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