2012 Book
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Received the new book in the post this morning. Looks better than 2011 book, which felt like a clone of the 2010 book with a few alterations. Looked up a resort on both the 2011 & 2012 book to see what has changed and found that the 2012 has been at most part being rewritten and gives any updates that there has been in the last 6months for the resort. Overall half to say that im well pleased with the new issue & will be recomending my mates to pick up the new issue!  cool smile

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I must commend you on the speed of delivery. I ordered a 2012 edition online on Tuesday evening.
It arrived this morning.

Haven’t had a detailed look yet, but was delighted that one comment I made in a resort report made it into print.

I was less delighted by the relegation of Arosa to the resort directory (suprising when somewhere like Meiringen - with no UK travel operators - is retained in the main Swiss chapter!).

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Recently recieved my copy of the new book, at first I thought it was a reprint of last years with a new cover binding, but once again I judged the book by its cover, so to speak.
Yes there are improvements I agree, the new layout in each resort section for nearby resorts is far better and more concise giving a better feel of how the resorts compliment one another or otherwise, but gives more information than before on what for many will be an alternative choice of resort possibly to save on accomodation etc but still be close to the main resort.
Congratulations on putting in the Aosta Valley section, I think it more appropriate than the Abetome section that was in last year, also it could not have been more appropriately timed, the week before the book arrived we booked an apartment in La Thuile for Jan next year, we were expecting to visit Courmeyer, Pila, possibly Monterosa and Cervinia during our stay, with the info in your article we may also spend a half day in a couple of the smaller resorts.
Glancing through the book I can see that updates to resort infrastructure are there for the coming season, often invaluable for picking the right location for accomodation.
Keep up the good work both in the book and on the site.