I want it now
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Used your book a few years back while planning for a trip to USA and thought well of it. I am planning a ski trip right now and would buy your book now if I could have it on my PC, android tablet and/or android phone tonight. I like the PDF sample pages so why can’t I get the whole book this way or in some app that protects the content from easy copying ?
The last three travel titles I have bought have been digital editions and much as I like paper editions the ease and speed of digital is over powering.
Maybe the 2015 edition will delight my devices, for now I’ll wander the web in search of inspiration ;-!

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Hi Mopi

My answer to your post in our Apps thread gives you the current position on ebooks.

For the reason I have explained, our focus is on iPad editions, but we do plan to produce Kindle fixed-format editions which would of course be readable on Android tablets given the right software.