Please stop doing “advertorials”!!!!
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Dear Editors,

My wife and I are great supporters of your excellent (but very sadly to be discontinued) books: I am sitting here looking at a bookshelf which contains every edition since 2007.

The only resort review which, in my experience (via a visit), you have got wrong (and very badly, I’m afraid) is that on Zermatt, where you do, frankly, completely lose the plot (but you do (shamelessly) admit you like a good lunch…). Otherwise, I’ve always found WTSS reviews spot-on and really very helpful . However…...

PLEASE can you stop doing “advertorials” on the WTSS wbsite???!!!! Not helpful or informative, just uncritical, useless puff. I (and, I anticipate, many, many, others) expect better of you - please!

Best regards


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Helllo Mr Anonymous

Which particular “advertorials” are annoying you so?

And why don’t you do us and our other loyal readers a favour by spelling out the ways in which we have got Zermatt so badly wrong? We spend quite a lot of time in Zermatt, one way and another, and most of it is spent skiing not lunching, so we think we know it pretty well. Do put us right.


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Yes xxxx, are you a little shy?, it would have been helpful to have mentioned where WTSS got it so wrong on Zermatt so that others who have visited may add their views, or was it just a statement you wished to make with no opportunity for anyone to comment.
We all know what “Advertorials” are and I would hope are intelligent enough to take what is stated in them with a certain amount of scepticism, however sometimes they give us info that we can further research if we are interested, and I assume some of them are a valuable revenue stream which may help with the costs of this site and the future electronic book issues.

Regards Don.