News: “Kitzbühel to stay open until 1 May”
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Really? With this season’s snow record and with spring conditions already at low to medium altitude? What do the people there know, about weather prospects for April, that Fraser Wilkin from “Weather to Ski” doesn’t?

I’m just back from a week at St. Christoph / St. Anton. Just about all runs from Gampen back to the village were not just open, but happily skiable (though heavy). For the bottom hundred or two metres of altitude, though, the white was threatened by green and brown between pistes.

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Well, I think you can take it that the guys at Kitzbühel have a fair idea that they can make their snow last. I’m skiing this week in Kitzbühel and resorts to the east in Salzburgerland, and the depth of artificial snow they have built up is just amazing. With valley temperatures in the mid-teens, Hochkönig was 98% open today - just one black that gets the morning sun was closed.

And I know that Kitzbühel doesn’t just rely on making snow as needed - it has ready-made reserves that it can draw on.


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