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For a start, hi to all and happy new season!
I’m a fanatical reader from Greece. I read the book all year, even under the hot summer Greek sun by the sea… I am a misfit among my fellow summer swimmers and I enjoy it a lot!
Although British-centered, the book is a great source for everyone that enjoys the mountains.
I’d like to add some suggestions that, I believe, will make this site a great addition to the book.
The reports and suggestions from visitors are one of the key facts that makes the book great. But one’s opinion is something personal, it doesn’t fit to all. A report from a 20year old, advanced, snowboarder who likes to spend the day off piste and the night at a bar, doesn’t count much for me because I am 42 years old, I ski, I like long pistes, good restaurants and a quieter nightlife.
What I propose is a system in which the reporter should make a profile according to his/hers preferences by ticking some options. For example:
Age: -19, 20-30, etc
Sport: Ski, Snowboard
Level: Novice etc
Budget: Low etc
Travel with family: yes, no
Preference: Allaround etc
Off the slopes: Loud, quiet etc
I’m sure someone else will think of a better system, but you can get my point. This thing can’t be printed because it will be needed many extra pages, but online will be a much more reliable addition source to a great book.
Thank you for your attention.

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Hi Koritis
Glad you are enjoying the book so much. So, do you ski the Greek resorts too?
This is an interesting suggestion and one I had also wondered about in a similar way. We are thinking about online structured forms for the resort reviews, so this sort of thing would probably work well with that idea. I’ll prod the heirarchy!


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Hi Wendy,
I live in Northern Greece and there are several "resorts" in a 1-2 hours drive from my home. I use quotes because they usually have 3-7 short pistes and, as you can imagine, a short snow period. But they worth a visit because the Greek mountains are beautiful (a not well known fact to foreign tourists), the mountain taverns have very good food (meat mainly) and there are always good spots for nightlife with drinks and laughs. Whenever I can, I go to Bansko, Bulgaria for the weekend and once a year I take a trip to an Alp resort. This year I’ll stay at Arc1950…
I’m glad you like the idea and if I can be a further help I’ll be at you disposal.

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