Soft shell or fitted ski trousers - MEN’s!!
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Ok folks,
Might get shot down for asking this one but can anyone recommend a pair of soft shell or fitted mens ski trousers/pants.
I know their not exactly fashionable with blokes especially UK skiers but I’m fed up looking like an oversized mitchelin man
in my current ones?

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I have the same problem. I’m pretty slim and have chicken legs (although middle-age fatherhood and giving up the ciggies is helping me develop some spread…) so I cannot stand the big baggy pants. Managed up to last seson with a pair of salopettes from Trespass, which were quite slim but not very breathable, but I managed to slice them with the edge of my skis. I have just got a pair of Columbia Wildcard Softshell pants (from Snow & Rock in Dublin), which I will be trying out next week in Morzine. They’re not cheap (GBP160/Eur190) and they’re not exactly drainpipe but they are a nice fit and a long way from the MC Hammer items that you get from the likes of North Face etc.


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I bought a fantastic pair of soft shell trousers from Decathalon last summer for climbing and they look as if they could make decent ski trousers, but there is no snow valance on the leg nor is it quite wide enough to fit over ski boots. IIRC they were 60 euro ish.


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I have the same problem, mens ski trousers are far from flattering, my wife has a great pair of Salomon fitted trousers that she is well happy with as she doesnt look like a right porka (like i do).  Last year i ended up buying a pair of ME ski trousers, much better and comfier. I got them from the following online store as these were the cheapest by far for ski clothing, I even got a little cheeky and emailed them for discount and they took a further 10% off - happy days!!

Hope this helps