Ski and Snowboard carriage by charter airlines and weight limits
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      I think it would be a bold idea to name and shame ski tour operators in your next book issue ( or threaten to do so cos of course you need the advertising stream and goodwill)  who shamelessly exploit the travelling public with their profiteering techniques to charge for ski or snowboard carriage. The invention of the coffin style snowboard bags and shorter skis means that they were wrong footed for a couple of seasons and lost revenue while skiers and snowboarder packed it all into one big case.
            BUT the have now all bitten back with such inane tactics (Neilson) such as “Ski Equipment is not part of your baggage allowance.” Also the superb “skis or boards must not be packed with anything else.”
            Let’s take a look at the former first. It is absolutely no concern of ANY tour operator what is in your bags if the bag is the correct weight and size for hold luggage. There are no airline rules or regs and certainly no legal basis for stopping a traveller putting his or her skis or board into a hold bag as long as it is not oversize or overweight. Snowboard bags are under the maximum dimmensions allowed for hold luggage on all charter airlines.
          OK lets make up a rule to stop ski or snowboards being packed with anything else and clothe it in threat of off loading heavy bags and invent an insurance from the sums paid by the punter per pair (of course ) that’ll allow eqipment to be hired at the other end if said kit is off loaded—-scaremongering of the most. childish type. Why pack seperately——perhaps so the check in staff can more easily identify the equipment and whether there are two pairs in there and charge for it also make it cheaper for the punter to do ahead of time for fear of a higher charge—I accept that Mr Gill and Mr Watts maybe really can’t get involved but ski carriage has been a thorn too long     I have had my rant and I feel better already. 

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What things are necessary to carry for any tour operator?


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Glad the rant made you feel better, Swiss!

I’m quite happy to consider a bit of editorialising about this whole area in the next edition. But I do think in the end the best approach is to calmly establish what the rules of your intended carrier are, and then consider alternative carriers if you don’t like the deal.

I know there are people who think that Ryanair, for example, are just crooks. But they operate flights that sometimes fit my plans. When that happens, I use them. Not point it getting worked up about their pricing policy. If taking the kit is too expensive, I’ll rent.

Anyway, we’ll consider it all further.



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I too have got totally annoyed over the policies described especially those applied by ski holiday companies. So much so that I will only use Swiss if it suits my travel plans or I drive out to the alps. I have not used air travel since skiing in Parnassos, Greece in 2009:-
That was a bit too far to drive for a one week trip! Every other trip (at least 6 weeks / year) has been by road avoiding French tolls so keeping costs down. So Chris please give a factual report on who charges what for ski transport.

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