Reports wanted on France – but not only France

18th May 2018, by Chris Gill

Courchevel from high-up on the slopes of Champagny, on the back of La Plagne

Courchevel from high-up on the slopes of Champagny, on the back of La Plagne

After a ski season focused on visits to French resorts, we’re now chained to our desks compiling Where to Ski in France for publication in September – following the successful publication of Where to Ski in Austria last October.

The book on Italy, originally slated for 2017 alongside Austria, is now planned for publication in 2019, alongside Switzerland. Next in line would be North America; we’ll see.

We know it’s a bit late in the day, but we are now open for reports from readers to help us with this new book on France, and to help us develop our website. And, as in the past, we’re offering prizes for the best efforts.

If you’ve been to a French resort in 2017-18 and would like to give us your views on specific aspects of it – the pistes and mountain restaurants – we have an online form ready and waiting to receive them here.

The system allows you to save an incomplete report and resume work on it later. You are asked to give your email address and a password so that you can log in to your report. We’ll need these reports in the next fortnight, by the end of May. Do it now!

Wherever you’ve been, we also want to encourage you to file short resort reviews on our website, where other site visitors can benefit from them. Go to our reporting page for guidance on how it all works.

Reporting enthusiasts are welcome to file reports on French resorts on the site, as well as using the special online report form.

And those prizes we mentioned? The authors of the 50 most useful reports (in either of the two systems) will each get copies of both WTS in Austria and WTS in France. We also hope to revive the prize draw we ran for several years in Where to Ski and Snowboard, where one lucky reporter wins a week in a smart Lagrange apartment. More news on that real soon.

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