Two ways you can help us by filing reports

… help us make the next book better than ever

… if you do a good job, get copies of our books for FREE

… if you’re lucky, win a FREE week in a Lagrange apartment

We’ve always encouraged readers to send us reports on their skiing and boarding holidays. We don’t visit every resort every year, and when we do pay a visit it is usually a quick one – a day or two, rather than a week or two. So we really need our own observations to be supplemented by the experiences of holidaymakers.

If you’ve been to a French resort in 2017-18 and would like to give us your views on specific aspects of it – the pistes and mountain restaurants – we have an online form ready and waiting to receive them here.

The system allows you to save an incomplete report and resume work on it later. You are asked to give your email address and a password so that you can log in to your report. We’ll need these reports by the end of May.

Wherever you’ve been, we also want to encourage you to file short resort reviews on this site, where other site visitors can benefit from them.

You file general resort reviews on the site by going to the page of the site devoted to the resort in question, reached via the resorts section intro page. On your chosen resort page, click on the “add your own short review” link.

To avoid spam on the site, this system requires you to log in to your member account. If you already have login credentials, you can log in and file your review. If not, on the login screen click on the Member Registration link. After you’ve registered, you’ll be sent an email with an activation link, and when you have activated the account you’ll be able to log in. All of which is necessary, we’ve found, to avoid spam.

That system takes free-form text, covering any resort aspects you like. It can be as brief as you like, too.

Reporting enthusiasts are welcome to file reviews of French resorts on the site, as well as using the special online report form.

The authors of the 50 most useful reports (in either of the two systems) will each get copies of both WTS in Austria and WTS in France.