The books

Our comprehensive annual guide Where to Ski and Snowboard is no longer published. The 2016 edition was the last – and it is now out of print.

But all is not lost: in late October 2017 we published an all-new book, Where to Ski in Austria, and this is to be followed in September 2018 by Where to Ski in France. In due course Italy, Switzerland etc will follow.

However: right now, sales of Where to Ski in Austria through this site are suspended.

In preparation for publication of Where to Ski in France, in September, we’re making various changes to the way we sell and despatch books. And to simplify the process we are suspending sales of Where to Ski in Austria through our site. It will of course remain on sale elsewhere, including the famous ‘all good bookshops’.

The most conspicuous change is that we’re setting up a small dedicated online store with a shopping cart to replace the PayPal ‘buy now’ buttons on the book sales page of our site. Those buttons allowed us to sell books online without going to the expense of a proper shopping cart, but they’re not up to the job of handling multiple titles. (PayPal’s charges are on the high side, too.)

At the same time, we’re shifting to a different warehouse and order fulfilment firm, which means there will be a short period when we won’t be able to send books out.

May / June is very much low season for sales of our books, so we’ve decided to shut down online sales for a month or two over the summer, to take the pressure off while we make these changes. We won’t lose too many sales to Waterstones, and very few readers will be inconvenienced.

We hope the new system will result in fewer residents of New South Wales trying to order books at the UK price, and fewer books going astray on their way to buyers in Brazil, South Africa and Canada – we’ll be using tracked couriers for intercontinental deliveries (and for Russia, we hope).

Of course, we’ll make an announcement when the paint has dried on our new shop-front and the doors are swinging open.