Where to Ski And Snowboard -

The book


Where to Ski and Snowboard 2016 is now out of print, and there is no new edition.

After 21 years and 20 editions, the editors and publishers, Dave and Chris, have decided on a radical change of direction. In September/October 2017, a new series of guides to individual countries will be launched with the publication of Where to Ski in Austria and Where to Ski in Italy. They will be available through this site. If you are on our mailing list you'll be notified when they are available to order. (To join the list, click on Sign up for Newsletter, above.)

Next year, all being well, Where to Ski in France will be published, along with Where to Ski in Switzerland. And in 2019, Where to Ski in the USA and Canada. The current plan is that in 2020 Austria and Italy will appear in new, updated editons, and so on.