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28th January 2010, by Chris Gill

Scenic gondola from Bovec to Kanin   [(c) Wendy J King]

Scenic gondola from Bovec to Kanin [(c) Wendy J King]

Picture this: you’re in your car, on the back of an open-sided ‘trailer’ attached to a train engine, it’s pitch black outside apart from a little moonlight, and minus 7 degrees (not much warmer in the car). Add to that a railway track that crosses high bridges, winds its way along dramatic river gorges and plunges through icy tunnels – where a few icicles are eerily illuminated by the engine’s headlights – and you have yourself a car train ride in the middle of a Slovenia National Park. I was the only passenger perched atop this car train, and a little concerned, but what a great ride!

That was Wednesday evening’s adrenalin buzz as I made my way to Bohinj, for my last two nights. It is an hour’s drive from Bovec to the station at Most na Soci and the car train takes another 30 minutes to reach the resort. Over here you are on the edge of the Triglav National Park and about to enter a very beautiful lakeland valley, which is a popular summer destination for British visitors but less well known in winter.

The border with Italy, and the swanky new cable car [W J King]

I had spent most of the day in Bovec again – gloriously sunny, if a little cold and breezy. I headed back up the mountain for more skiing and to take a few sunny photos. I must have gazed at those crags for ages, simply stunning. The snow was crisp, firm and fast; cover is excellent right now. And with clear skies, there were a few more people on the slopes too. I skied around the Italian side again, which is in shade most of the time (north facing and with high ridges partly blocking the sun). Then, after a quick lunch and a few laps of the upper slopes it was time to return to the Slovenian side and take a red run to the gondola mid-station. It is another wide cruiser that skirts beneath the crags and gives good views to the valley. It was so lovely that I couldn’t resist one more descent before finishing for the day.

Then it was off to Lake Bohinj for two nights, beneath the Vogel ski centre. Many people that I have spoken to on this trip rate Vogel their favourite ski area – time to find out why …

Cruising to mid-station on the Slovenian side [W King]

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