Serre Chevalier feels the cold

14th April 2011, by MelCrosby

Eychauda and Simones 'Wallabies'  [Mel Crosby]

Eychauda and Simones 'Wallabies' [Mel Crosby]

Mel Crosby from EurekaSki reports in from Serre Chevalier this week, where there’s ample skiing available …

It’s cold again in Serre Chevalier! Well, relatively. We’ve seen flip-flops, scooters and bbqs become the norm over the last 7-10 days but now everyone’s back in correct ski ‘attire’ and things are feeling a bit more like April and not mid-summer! It’s true that most lower slopes are now green with patchy snow, and most are shut, but in Monetier we’re still skiing all the way down from the top (2800m) to the bottom where the nursery runs are also still in action at 1500m.

Alex and Jude on the Cucumelle red – 11 April

Gavin reports it was -2 degC at 1900m first thing this morning (very welcome cold temps) and his ROCKETS (New Generation ‘ski-anywhere’ kids) were enjoying blasting ‘round the Eychauda, Cibouit and Y’ret pistes.

Above 1800 metres things are very typical of this time of year, just a much lower snow depth than in previous years. We ventured over to the jumps park in Villeneuve yesterday and it was ok, but a marked difference in snow quality as much of this sector sits in the sunshine for most of the day.

All in all, we’re fine in Serre Chevalier – things could be a lot lot better, but then things could be very much worse!

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