Serre Chevalier thanks abundant early snow

22nd January 2011, by MelCrosby

Cucumelle peak, Serre Chevalier

Cucumelle peak, Serre Chevalier

When you’re not actually out in the Alps, it’s difficult to know quite how the slopes are holding up during the dry spell. Some resorts are suffering, others faring pretty well considering the fluctuating temperatures and lack of new snow. We caught up with our Serre Chevalier bloggers Mel and Gavin (Eureka ski and New Generation) to find out the latest from the French ski area ...

Mel writes:

Well, we’re sure you’ve heard of the barmy temperatures we’ve had here in the Alps. The other day it was 17 degrees in the shade in sunny Briançon (Serre Chevalier 1200), and thenon Friday 21 January it was minus 4 degrees for much of the day – while at 2000m, skiers and boarders were enduring minus 16!

We had some fantastic skiing early last week (10 Jan) with fresh powder everywhere, then some strong winds, followed by a tiny top-up on Friday morning. Gavin reports that the pistes are in great condition, very wintry at the top but admittedly harder lower down.

The off-piste is really good - skied out but great for those who fancy exploring for the first time, and for those who fancy trying the gnarlier couloirs.

Photos show Gavin’s colleague Phil with nerves of steel on the Cucumelle peak last week, and then Gavin taking a breather in the Montagnolle valley.


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