Build your movement confidence for snowboarding

28th November 2014, by Abi Butcher

Try some medicine ball woodchopper squats to get fit for snowboarding

Try some medicine ball woodchopper squats to get fit for snowboarding

Over the past nine weeks, we’ve run a series of ski- and snowboard-specific exercises with elite physios Rob Madden and James Vickers to get you ready for the slopes. This week, the penultimate of our snowboard-specific exercises — plyometric jumps.

“This is a great exercise to build in at this point of your pre-season training having now done a few weeks of good lower limb strength work,” says Rob Madden, who has worked with Team GB and Team Canada snowboarders.

“This exercise is designed to get your leg muscles to exert maximal effort in a short space of time. This really helps build speed and power which is a great transferable fitness component to both skiing and snowboarding. It is a fast exercise that overlaps nicely with elements of freestyle skiing and snowboarding,” says Rob.

“You can start simply on the floor and then build up to a bench and then as tall as you can possibly jump.  When doing this in the gym, always make sure you give yourself enough space if you are jumping high so you have a safe surround.”

Rob adds: “If you want to make it even more interesting why not try doing 180 on 180 off boxes or even straight jumps on and 360 spins off.  Don’t forget to spin to your left and your right to build movement confidence and power both ways.”

Former TeamGB snowboard physio Rob Madden demonstrates plyometric jumps

Rob Madden and James Vickers are now based at the Centre for Health and Human Performance (CHHP), 76 Harley Street, London. They have a depth of experience in elite skiing and snowboarding, and altitude and expedition medicine. For more information, visit


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