Crab walk to get in shape for snowboarding

14th November 2014, by Abi Butcher

Sideways lunges are a great exercise to build snowboarding muscles

Sideways lunges are a great exercise to build snowboarding muscles

Walk like a crab to improve your performance on the slopes? Yes, really! Says physiotherapist Rob Madden, who spent years working with TeamGB Team Canada snowboarders.

“The next exercise in our fitness series is sideways lunges with a band, otherwise nicknamed as ‘crab walks’,” says Rob. This a simple exercise and although it does look a bit ridiculous, it is a great snowboard specific one!”

The whole time you are doing this exercise, you should remain in partial hip flexion/squat which mimics the stance you have on a snowboard.

“You will feel most of the effort in the outside of your hips but also in your thighs and gluts.”

Rob advises to build up the amount of repetitions you do over the coming weeks: “It will really pay off when you go snowboarding this winter”.

He adds: “Skiers could perhaps modify the exercise and instead do walking forwards lunges as in one of the earlier videos. It will be harder if you wrap a theraband around your shins. 

“Another variation would be to wrap the band around your shins and then do full squats. You may choose to do 20/25 squats and 3/4 sets of these split with some calf raises for example.”

Former TeamGB ski physio Rob Madden demonstrates the crab walk

Rob Madden and James Vickers are now based at the Centre for Health and Human Performance (CHHP), 76 Harley Street, London. They have a depth of experience in elite skiing and snowboarding, and altitude and expedition medicine. For more information, visit



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