Get fit for the ski season

28th September 2014, by Abi Butcher

Take some time to get fit before the ski season and maximise your fun. Photo: Andy Lloyd

Take some time to get fit before the ski season and maximise your fun. Photo: Andy Lloyd

Exciting times lie ahead as the winter sports season is fast approaching. To help maximise your time in the mountains, Where to Ski and Snowboard has teamed up with winter sports specialists James Vickers and Rob Madden, physiotherapists who have worked at elite level with the British and Canadian ski and snowboard teams.

Passionate skier James and boarder Rob trotted the globe tuning up athletes in the snow, and say that even recreational skiers should put in a good three months’ training before hitting the slopes.

“It pays to put in some love and sweat into the months prior to your trip,” says James. “This will both increase your performance and enjoyment and reduce the risk of injury.”

For the next 10 weeks we have 10 exercises that are specific to ski and snowboarding that will help get you in shape. Today, we start with the hack squat.

“Warm up for 10 minutes before you start, then aim to do three sets of ten repetitions, three times a week to be built up with the other exercises,” advises Rob.

The hack squat will increase your lower limb strength and capacity, increase both your lower limb and spinal tolerance to load, and increase your hip and trunk mobility.

“These are all important to maximise your time on the mountains whether you’re planning an epic backcountry adventure or trying to keep up with the kids. Enjoy!” says James.

Former TeamGB ski physio James Vickers demonstrates the hack squat

Rob and James are now based at the Centre for Health and Human Performance (CHHP), 76 Harley Street, London. They have a depth of experience in elite skiing and snowboarding, and altitude and expedition medicine. For more information, visit


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