Get fit to combat ‘ski legs’

6th November 2014, by Abi Butcher


Combat "ski legs" with wall squats in our fitness series

How are you getting on with your fitness for the season? Hopefully you’ve been following our winter fitness series this week with a third ski-specific exercise — to help combat “ski legs”.

“With seven weeks to Christmas you should be at least a month into your ski specific training for maximum effect,” says physiotherapist James Vickers who has worked at elite level with the British ski team. “If you have been, you’ll be able to push on with this squat series to continue generating the muscles required for best performance — and least injury — on the slopes.”

The wall squat series is a great way to get the quads (front of the thigh muscles) burning.

“We have all had ski legs by day three and this should help combat them (especially when combined with the jump based exercise that will follow shortly). See the video for the set up and get going. If you’re strong then don’t be scared to hold some additional weight and keep the reps to 10, feel the burn!!” he explains.

“At this stage combine this exercise with either or both of the previous ski exercises; the hack squat series and walking lunges. Also it would go really well with Rob’s dead lift from week two, and with next week’s crabbing exercise. Enjoy!”

Former TeamGB ski physio James Vickers demonstrates wall squats

Rob Madden and James Vickers are now based at the Centre for Health and Human Performance (CHHP), 76 Harley Street, London. They have a depth of experience in elite skiing and snowboarding, and altitude and expedition medicine. For more information, visit

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