Gorgeous base layers for the 2015/16 ski season

18th November 2015, by Abi Butcher

Base layers for skiing have come a long way since cotton polo necks

Base layers for skiing have come a long way since cotton polo necks

Getting dressed for skiing has come a long way since cotton polo necks and woolly jumpers. This season’s base layers are all-singing, all-dancing, with infrared, compression, clever ventilation spots and just downright beautiful. There will be no getting cold on the slopes this year.

KYMIRA infrared base layers (pictured above)
These compression base layers contain smart infrared technology in the fabric to quite literally capture your wasted energy, recycling it back into your muscles and supercharging them — perfect for the slopes. Established in 2013 at the Science and Technology Centre at the University of Reading, KYMIRA Sport products increase circulation, tissue oxygen, cellular metabolism and energy production.
Tights £75, top £80, kymirasport.com

Falke Air Insulation lightweight base layers
Developed with the German national ski team, these have a special Raschel knit that creates open ventilation spots — but only when you need them. The faster you ski and the more you move, the larger the zones open allowing for ventilation and enabling optimal temperature control and moisture management. When you stay still, the ventilation spots reduce in size and keep you warmer. On top of this, it’s all totally seamless.
Long-sleeved top, £75, ¾ tights, £60, net-a-porter.com


Odlo Blackcomb base layers
These seamless base layers won a Gold award at ISPO this year for outstanding sporting goods. They have three different “zones” for maximum ventilation and moisture management — the harder you work the more breathable they become but if you’re on the hill for prolonged periods the thermal insulation steps in. Made with odour-inhibiting fibres and 38% recycled materials, they get our vote — especially as the tops come with facemasks.
Tights £60, top £60, odlo.com


Helly Hansen Wool Graphic
Swedish company Helly Hansen has added a 100% merino wool range to its base layer collection for this winter. Nothing new here you might say, but the gorgeous patterns and landscapes drawn from its Nordic heritage – from snowy peaks and dramatic sunsets, to delicate blooms and psychedelic Northern Lights — are a must on the slopes this season.
Tights (£60), regular crew neck (£65) and ½ zip long-sleeve (£70) tops, hellyhansen.com


SKINS A200 compression thermals
A keen Australian skier developed the first pair of SKINS — to improve performance and aid recovery — in 1996. After working with NASA scientists the product was first launched on the market in 2002. No athlete these days competes without compression clothing in their kit bag; it has proven circulatory benefits, stabilises and supports muscles while increasing oxygen levels so minimises the risk of injury. These have flat lock seams, excellent moisture management and are really soft to wear.
Tights, £80, Long-sleeved top, £80, skins.net


Peak Performance multi long-sleeved base layer
After a brief hiatus, Peak Performance is back in the UK with some beautiful multi-coloured base layers that are so appealing to the eye that you could, quite frankly, wear them every day. A mix of merino wool provides the soft natural feel and warmth, Thermocool® provides good wicking properties for comfort, and elastane gives a nice stretchy feel. There’s even an anti-chafing design.
Tops and tights in different variations and colours from £55, peakperformance.com

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