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9th September 2009, by Chris Gill

From 01 October, taking a pair of skis or a snowboard on a Ryanair flight will now cost a whopping £100 return at the airport or £80 if booked online ... and the minimum charge for hold luggage is to soar by 50%.

In another round of financial shake-ups, Ryanair is raising its baggage and sporting equipment charges next month. One checked-in bag will now cost £30 return if booked online - £60 at the airport. And the price to transport a pair of skis will rise by £10 each way.

The airline justifies its decision by highlighting a 20% fall in average fares this year. One of the reasons for this is its policy is to discourage checked-in bags: fewer bags cuts handling costs and therefore helps to reduce fares for its passengers. But while many Ryanair passengers may well travel with hand baggage only, this is of little consolation to skiers.

To soften the blow, Ryanair is doubling its baggage allowance to 30kg (two separate bags up to 15kg each) - but at a price, of course! A second bag will cost £70 return. Currently, the airline allows up to three bags with a combined weight of 15kg; taking a second item costs £20 each way. This means that two main suitcases with a combined weight of 30kg, will now cost up to £100 - as opposed to £60 for half that weight.

Applying the new costs to a January 2010 fare from Standsted to Salzburg (Sat-Sat / lowest price), including a web check-in fee of £10, the cheapest return Ryanair flight was £186 - more than double their basic fare before adding one bag/one pair of skis. Of course, fares will differ depending on promotions, dates etc.

For a quick comparison chart of the latest costs among some of the key airlines, check out Nowfly.co.uk

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