Bookings strong for 2021-22 ski holidays

2nd March 2021, by Abi Butcher

Skiers are desperate to get back to the slopes and bookings are strong for next winter

Skiers are desperate to get back to the slopes and bookings are strong for next winter

Two ski chalet operators — Ski France and Ski Solutions — have launched a ‘contactless chalet’ service for next season, amid news that bookings for winter 2021/22 are very strong.

Chalet companies are having to navigate a tough road of post-Brexit and post-Covid solutions to provide a holiday that will be reliable, affordable and safe. 

Ski France, which is quite unique in taking on a number of new chalets for next season, last week launched its contactless chalet concept — offering guests the convenience of top-quality chalet food delivered daily, along with mid-week linen changes, along with the availability of a host at all times (at the end of a phone) but with the privacy and security of not having live-in staff.

As well as offering self-catered chalets, Ski Solutions has also launched a ‘contactless’ operation, where guests can arrive to a chalet fully stocked with food and drink for breakfast, tea and dinner for the duration of their holidays.

Meanwhile, regardless of how they will be hosted, skiers and snowboarders are booking for next winter, determined to get away.

Crystal Ski Holidays said in a statement that following the release of the government’s ‘road map’ out of lockdown and successful vaccination strategy, there has been a surge in interest on top of already strong bookings for next winter.

Chris Logan, managing director of Crystal Ski Holidays said: “We were so disappointed not to be able to take customers away to the mountains this winter. But we are seeing significant demand for next season. Bookings are well ahead of where we would expect to be at this stage, and this has been further fuelled by the Government’s roadmap announcement. The entire holiday industry is seeing a surge and for Crystal Ski Holidays that’s meant a daily 30% uplift, on top of already strong demand, since the timeline was outlined”.

Le Ski said last week there has been an almost 300 per cent rise in bookings for next winter, and yesterday, 1 March said chalets were now 40 per cent full as skiers clamour to get back to the mountains.

“In all our 39 years in the ski chalet business we have never seen the levels of bookings we currently have. We’re over five times more booked than usual at this time of year!”

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