French hotels get the 5-star treatment

1st August 2009, by Chris Gill

Courchevel now has six of them...

Courchevel now has six of them...

France is at last following the rest of the world and adopting the standard categories for hotel classification, meaning that many of its top establishments can now apply for 5-star status.

The new ruling will reform the current system and replace the ‘4-star lux’ category - hotels falling into that category would have been the awarded 5-star status were they in, say, Italy or Germany. As well as adopting the 5-star rating, there will be a general move towards using the overall 1-5 scale rather than the current Zero start.

French officials have revised the system in line with the rest of Europe to give tourists a clearer guide to the different categories; and of course, to attract more “high-end” customers. To receive 5-stars the hotels are assessed on their quality of service, hygiene and luxury facilities.

As a result, several hotels in Courchevel have earned a 5-star rating: the Annapurna, the Airelles, the Cheval Blanc, the Kilimandjaro, the Lana and the Mélezin - all in swanky Courchevel 1850. If lodging on a grand scale suits you ... the Airelles is a typical example sumptuous indulgence, with its recently refurbished suites, three restaurants and huge spa and pool facilities; even a play ‘kingdom’ for spoiling the kids rotten.

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