James Gambrill appointed Ski Club MD

21st May 2021, by Abi Butcher

Leading service axed: the Ski Club of Great Britain has had a troubled few years

Leading service axed: the Ski Club of Great Britain has had a troubled few years

James Gambrill has taken over as general manager of the Ski Club of Great Britain, with the hope of rescuing it from its well-publicised troubles of the past decade.

James is skilled in snowsports, marketing, business and financial management. He is a qualified BASI Level 2 ski instructor and former ski boot fitter, and worked his way up the ski industry via Skiworld where he was special events manager moving on as MD of Travelplan Ski Ltd and Whistler Experience to then start his own marketing company. In 2011, James founded LISTEX, the B2B snowsports industry event. More recently, in April 2020, he co-founded Mountain Trade Network, a virtual and live platform to connect everyone working within the global mountain and ski economy.

James has been involved with the Ski Club of Great Britain for decades. He joined the Ski Club’s Freshtracks team in 1997 and completed the Reps course in 1998.

The Ski Club has been at sea since 2012, with a succession of chief executives and different chairmen and reporting huge financial losses.  The Ski Club was also forced to drop its popular “leaders” programme and its last reported membership figures have dwindled to 24,776.

Where to Ski & Snowboard will have a full chat with him about his plans for the Ski Club in early June, but this week said he was “excited and proud” to have started his new role.

“The club’s recent troubles are well known,” James told WTSS, “but with our members and history behind us, I think there are very exciting times ahead.”

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