More evening buses around Verbier

14th January 2009, by Chris Gill

Verbier has decided to expand the evening bus services between the resort and valley town of Le Châble, following its successful introduction last winter.

In addition to the regular bus timetable, more buses will run in the evenings. Buses will depart Verbier at 19.30, 20.20 and 21.15 daily. From Le Châble, the buses will leave at 19.05, 19.55 and 20.50. On Fridays and Saturdays there will be a later bus at 21.55 from Le Châble and 22.20 from Verbier.

The service should make staying down in Le Châble more appealing, as you’ll be able to enjoy Verbier’s vibrant nightlife a bit later -  but from a quieter, cheaper base. And catch the convenient lift connection up to the ski area during the day (the gondola runs until early evening).

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