Pay up: Ski and board carriage no longer free says BA

5th August 2009, by Chris Gill



Is there no end? Skiers and boarders are facing even higher costs when it comes to flying to the snow…

British Airways is the latest airline to alter its baggage rules, effectively meaning no more ski and board carriage for free.

Previously, one pair of skis or a board was carried free, in addition to the basic bag allowance. From 7 October, you’ll be allowed just the one free bag up to 23kg - this can include your skis, but for a winter sports trip is unlikely to be sufficient (especially if packing boots, helmets etc). You could pack everything into one larger bag - though we when we weighed our skis, poles and boots together (excluding bags) they didn’t fall much short of 11kg. That doesn’t exactly leave much room for the rest…

Extra bags

An extra bag will now cost £35 each way (up to 32kg) on short haul flights or £40 each way on long haul flights. These prices are based on airport check-in; booking online will save you a few quid. A third bag will set you back the same price again for European destinations - so taking separate boot bags is a less attractive option these days.

Excess size and weight

For bags exceeding the 23kg checked-in allowance, the fee is £30. The maximum weight limit per item of hold luggage is 32kg; exceed that and your monster will travel as freight! Most ski and board bags will comply with the airline’s reduced sizing for sporting equipment - maximum dimensions now 190cm x 75cm x 65cm - but BA has confirmed that this policy would not be imposed on the length of skis / boards.

The new regulations apply to flights booked now, for travel after 7 October. And while you may find a basic fare has its attractions against some of the budget airlines, these additional charges can work out appreciably higher.

If you want to avoid it… Swiss International currently allows one ski or board bag free of charge, in addition to one piece of checked-in luggage up to 20kg.

BA baggage rules

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