Reima launches kids’ challenge

20th October 2017, by Abi Butcher

Children urged: move more and win a holiday in Finnish Lapland

Children urged: move more and win a holiday in Finnish Lapland

A clothing brand from Finland has launched campaign to get children outdoors more — especially during the winter months — with the chance for one lucky family to enjoy a winter holiday in Lapland.

Reima, a Finnish clothing brand, is challenging children worldwide to move one million hours in its new Kidventure campaign. The World Health Organisation recommends children move actively for at least an hour a day, and a new report by NHS England has found that that less than a quarter of children (22 per cent) are active for an hour a day outside school.

Dr Steven Mann, research director of ukactive said: “We are bringing up the least active generation in history. The fittest child in a classroom today would have been the least fit child in the classroom 30 years ago. Children aren’t developing their physical literacy — which is bankrupting the NHS. The way we keep them busy is with a screen.”

The fact that winter is coming makes no difference, says Reima, which clothes children in Finland who are compelled by law to play outside for a minimum of four hours per day, whatever the weather. Only when the temperature dips below -15c are children allowed to stay inside.

To help integrate screens with activity, Reima has launched the ReimaGo app, and small ReimaGo sensors that are sold in Snow+Rock, that children can wear and have fun recording their activity — on the ski slopes, at school, in the swimming pool or even when climbing trees. A pilot study on a school in Wales this summer found pupils’ activity levels quadrupled when using the ReimaGo.

Reima’s campaign runs until 4 January, with chances for children and families to win prizes every week — culminating in the main prize of a magical family adventure in Finnish Lapland. For more details, visit

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