Reporting on your holiday is easier than ever

3rd February 2009, by Chris Gill

Where to Ski and Snowboard makes heavy use of reports from readers on the resorts they visit, and now offers three digital ways to file those reports - any one of which could lead to a free copy of the 2010 edition of the book next August.

The new third system is an online form that gives you a ready-made structure for your report by breaking it down into about 20 separate fields. That structure helps us, too - your report goes straight into our database, where we can view precisely the bits of the reports we need at a particular time.

Next season it will be integrated into this site, but for the moment the new system is hosted separately. Here is the

new online report form.

Please do give it a whirl to report on your trips, now or later in the season. We predict that most of the book-winning reports will come via the new system, simply because it encourages reports of the kind we want. (For real reporting enthusiasts, we’ve set the system up so that you can save a part-completed report and finish it at a later time, even.)

Reports sent in through this new system will not be visible on this site. If you want to file something snappier that will appear on the site, you can still use the resort review system built in to the site. From the home page, choose the Resort Reviews section and find your way to the resort you plan to report on. Towards the bottom of the page click on User Review Section; when you arrive, click on Review This Resort. (We’re looking at creating a simpler route ...)

The other way to file a heavyweight digital report is, of course, email. If you are happier bashing the words out as continuous text, rather than using a form, that’s fine with us. Send to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), make it as structured as you can and don’t forget to say when you were in the resort.

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