Snowboarders: Get strapped-in with new binding

5th December 2005, by Chris Gill

A new type of snowboard binding will hit the retail market shortly, when a Belgian company launches its revolutionary strap-in design.

Beyondsnow, a recently created Belgian company, showcased its new snowboard binding at an international trade show in Munich. Being the first Belgian organisation in the snowboard market, Beyondsnow was an immediate hit with its brand-new revolutionary system: the ‘strap-in’ binding.

Due to the inconveniences of the existing types of bindings, the inventor, who is an active snowboarder himself, wanted to create bindings which are easier to step into and which maintain the freestyle-feeling. This eventually led to the creation of the “Beyond.” concept.

Before you step in, the straps lie open alongside the binding. When stepping into the new binding, the pressure created by the weight of the foot triggers a built-in mechanism, which causes the straps to close across the boot. The straps are then locked manually. The binding offers a step-in solution for every standard boot and gives the boarder the same freestyle feeling as a strap binding.

This revolutionary product will hit shelves at the end of 2006, but a sneak preview is available on their website.

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