Teen admits hit and run ski death

29th December 2008, by Chris Gill

A 16 year old boy is to blame for a hit and run ski death in Italy on Christmas Day.

A 51 year old male skier died after the boy collided with him at high speed on the slopes at Obereggen, near Bolzano in the Italian Dolomites. The youth then fled the scene without assisting the fatally injured skier. The man, skiing on-piste with his daughter, died from a head injury.

The teenager later confessed to the police, having seen the incident on the news. He was apparently unaware of the seriousness of the accident and says he did not assist the injured man because he briefly lost consciousness himself in the collision, and then other skiers were on the scene quickly.

This was just one of a high number of incidents on the Italian slopes already this season and highlights the increasing need for measures to ensure responsible behaviour when enjoying skiing or snowboarding. In another incident, the Croatian Defence Minister was killed skiing at Cortina.

With good snow conditions and the festive holiday period, slopes are currently very busy. But the authorities are starting to clamp down heavily on reckless behaviour, imposing on-the-spot fines, designating slow speed zones etc.

What do you think ought to be done to reinforce safe skiing? Fines, removal of ski passes..And how do you determine the level considered to be reckless - when many people’s opinions differ? Have your say on our forum.

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