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22nd August 2016, by Abi Butcher

Where to Ski and Snowboard 2016 will be on sale until autumn 2017

Where to Ski and Snowboard 2016 will be on sale until autumn 2017

Normally, by this time of year we would have invited readers on our mailing list to consider buying the latest annual edition, to be published in early September. This year is different.

After 21 years and 20 editions, the editors and publishers, Dave and Chris, have decided on a radical change of direction. There is no new edition of WTSS this year, and your editors have therefore been able to enjoy the luxury of spending their summer playing golf, watching cricket, landscaping and biking rather than slaving away over hot Apple Macs.

Next year we plan to publish something completely different – a series of shorter resort guides dedicated to various market niches, in digital and print form. We’ll be in touch about those publications as they take shape (sign up to our newsletter here).

We continue to sell the 2016 edition in bookshops, through our own website and through online booksellers. For people without a recent edition, it will still make a perfectly sensible purchase – particularly in combination with our website, where we will be publishing continuously updated headline resort news that complements the more detailed information in the book.

The website is also being improved in various respects, with added resort information, more news and more features. Watch this space for more news on that front.

If you sent us a resort report last season, be assured that the editors will make full use of it in assembling the new publications. And we will shortly be completing the task of reviewing the reports sent in to identify the top 100. The authors of those top reports will get a free copy of all the publications we produce in 2017, and one will be picked out of the hat to win the Lagrange holiday offered in the current edition of the book.

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