Arc’teryx recalls Procline ski boot

30th August 2017, by Abi Butcher

Arc'teryx has found a problem with the axis pin on its ski boots — circled here

Arc'teryx has found a problem with the axis pin on its ski boots — circled here

Skiers who own a pair of Arc’teryx Procline boots are being asked to return them to the manufacturer following a voluntary product recall.

Arc’teryx launched the Procline, a super-lightweight mountaineering ski boot with ground-breaking cuff mobility, in autumn 2016. But now all six models of the boot that were made between 1 November 2015 and 31 March 2017 are being recalled following a manufacturing fault. While there have been no accidents yet, Arc’teryx Equipment has found that the axis pin in the mountaineering boots — the pin that holds the spoiler and 360 rotating cuff — can dislodge, potentially causing the skier to lose control. There have been 18 complaints of the pin dislodging, which has prompted the recall.

“We are all deeply committed to the safety of our users and while there have been no injuries reported involving any Procline Ski Boots, our commitment to our users’ safety leads us to issue this recall to make the required axis pin repair. In a small number of boots, the axis pin has dislodged which could cause the skier to lose control or fall and suffer injuries. All 2016 Procline Boots will be repaired to secure the axis pin and allow the boot to function as designed,” said Arc’teryx general manager.

“On behalf of Arc’teryx, thank you for your patience as we bring this new technology to market. Innovation and quality are foundational building blocks of our brand design culture. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this issue has caused and wish you to know that over our 25 year history of making climbing equipment we have been and remain committed to creating products that enable consumers to move safely in the mountains.”

The six boots being recalled are the Procline Carbon Lite Boot, Procline Carbon Support Boot, Procline Lite Boot (women’s and men’s models) and Procline Support Boot (men’s and women’s models). But this only applies to boots that do not have a coloured dot on the inside the spoiler. For more information, visit

The boots will be repaired and returned to their owners.


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