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17th January 2017, by Abi Butcher

Sherpa Adventure Gear is looking for brand ambassadors. Photo:

Sherpa Adventure Gear is looking for brand ambassadors. Photo:

Could you handle being a brand ambassador for Sherpa Adventure Gear, testing their kit to the limits on your own adventures?

The clothing company Sherpa Adventure Gear is looking for brand ambassadors to test their gear on outdoor adventures this year — Whether you’re a rambler, travel enthusiast, certified mountain guide or just love exploring the outdoors. Sherpa want people with a proven track record for seeking adventure so that they can put their products to the test.

The brand ambassadors will receive more than £1,000-worth of kit from protective hardshell jackets to hiking pants, which they will be asked to wear as often as possible both outside in the wild and around town. In return, the ambassadors will be asked to create four blog posts a month for Sherpa, over the next six months, and share their thoughts on the brand on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

“We’re looking for someone who is passionate about new adventures and even more passionate talking about them…to tackle each adventure with the right gear so you can take on any challenge this new year,” says Sherpa.

“We want to know what you think and would love if you could review our products on, that way we know what kind of adventure gear is suited to you. As well as feedback, we welcome any ideas you may have for future products. So if this is your year for challenges, new adventures and change; we want to hear from you…”

Sherpa Adventure Gear is owned by Sherpas, and seeks to honour the unsung Sherpa heroes of Everest by creating gear that earns the praise of the world’s toughest high-altitude climbers. It produces an entire range of outdoor gear from baselayers and t-shirts to midlayers, fleeces, down jackets, softshells, hardshells and ponchos, mittens and hats — everything you’d need to climb Everest.

The company gives a proportion of every sale to the Paldorje Education Foundation in Nepal for scholarships and much-needed programmes to benefit Sherpa children, particularly those of climbers gravely injured or killed while working in the mountains.

Applications close at the end of January, so for more information, visit

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