Blizzards hit the Alps — in May!

23rd May 2016, by Abi Butcher

Who said winter was over? Not Zag skis in Chamonix...

Who said winter was over? Not Zag skis in Chamonix...

Question: when was this photograph taken? Mid winter? A couple of months ago? Answer: This morning. The Chamonix-based ski manufacturer Zag posted it on Facebook with the caption “Who said winter was over ?!”

Anyone connected with us — or any other ski-focused business or organisation/resort / friend — will have seen on social media this morning that it has snowed in the Alps. Quite a bit. On our Facebook page we shared a couple of postings — including a video of a blizzard in Champoluc, Italy, shared by our good friends at Ski 2.

WTSS’s weather guru, Fraser Wilkin, owner of Weather To Ski says this morning: “winter has returned with a vengeance”.

“Heavy snow [is] falling as low as 1000m in places in the central and western Alps. This follows a short spell of more summery weather, which saw temperatures peak at 32°C in the northern Austrian Alps (Salzburg) yesterday afternoon [Sunday].”

Tomorrow, Fraser tells us, the storm will move further east, but reports: “The highest snowfall totals are expected to be in the western Alps (eg Zermatt, Cervinia) where 20-50cm is expected quite widely by the end of today above 2000m, with 70cm+ possible very locally! “

Basically, great news for anyone heading out to ski on a glacier any time soon. For daily snow updates, visit

An image from Val d’Isère this morning

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