Breckenridge to make pirate ski lessons illegal

5th October 2012, by Abi Butcher

Breckenridge to make independent ski lessons illegal

Breckenridge to make independent ski lessons illegal

Breckenridge is cracking down on independent ski instructors this season — by making it illegal to give lessons unless you are part of the town’s ski school.

From 19 November, Breckenridge Ski Area hopes to have a new law in place to make it illegal for anyone other than Breckenridge Ski and Snowboard School. Though no exact details have yet been released, anyone caught breaking the law would face a “hefty” fine and possible jail sentence, according to Breckenridge assistant police chief Greg Morrison.

He said that safety fears are behind the plan to introduce the new law, which backed by the Forest Service which owns Breckenridge ski area.  Mr Morrison cited a case last season where a family had to be rescued from an advanced ski area on the mountain, having paid $400 (nearly £250 in today’s exchange rate of $1.61 to £1) for an “illegal” private lesson.

“Any of the family could have easily been hurt, pretty soon they came to the attention of the ski patrol,” he said, adding that the new law will have: “good teeth in it”.

It has previously been a federal violation for an unregistered individual to give a ski or snowboard lesson, which Mr Morrison said was difficult to police. He said the new law has the backing of Breckenridge town, the Forest Service and the police department.

But lessons with the official Breckenridge Ski and Snowboard School do not come cheap. Adults group lessons starting at $120 (£74) for a day, and privates starting at $460 (£285).



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