Bubble wrap Scottish snow?

18th April 2011, by Chris Gill

Could the humble bubble wrap help?

Could the humble bubble wrap help?

A scientist carrying out experiments in the Scottish Highlands believes that covering the snow at Nevis Range in bubble wrap could preserve it and prolong the season.

The general idea isn’t new, of course, where ‘sheets’ have been widely trialled in the Alps to preserve the glaciers during the warmer summer months. At Scotland’s Nevis Range, the bubble wrap method could be of benefit in leaner seasons and used on areas most likely susceptible to wind and rain – where it melts quickest.

And it may work better in Scotland, which generally sees less sunshine that would warm up the plastic. How it would be implemented overall poses a few questions, with the wilds hillsides often exposed to gale force winds

But the idea is all a part of a wider study into climate change in Scotland and among its ski areas. Despite two bumper winters recently, there remains a decline in the number of ski days available overall; the bubble wrap is a favoured start.

There are more details in the BBC story.

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