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10th September 2009, by Chris Gill

In case you didn’t know ... the new edition of Britain’s annual guidebook to ski resorts worldwide is out NOW! And not only is Where to Ski and Snowboard 2010 fully revised for the season ahead, but it also includes a comparative guide to resort prices. Read on ...

If you are unfamiliar with the book, the key to its success is the importance our two editors, Chris Gill and Dave Watts, attach to honest and impartial resort assessments and keeping each edition as accurate as possible. Their experience, knowledge and passion are evident throughout - and they’ve been publishing the book for 15 years now, so they ought to know.

What’s more, for the first time in those 15 years the book is now the only annually revised resort guidebook on the market. So how does the best guide improve?

Pinpointing the answers
Last winter was fantastic for snow, but not so on our wallets. How much did you pay for a beer or meal on the mountain? More than expected, I’ll bet. So, the editors devised a huge new survey of the costs to eat and drink in the Alps and North America; this has enabled them to introduce a unique Resort Price Index (RPI) for each major resort chapter. Our new chapter reveals all.

Fancy somewhere new?
This year we also have splendid new chapters on resorts in Austria, Italy, Canada and Switzerland - and for the first time, Germany. And there is as much news on resort developments as we can squeeze in ... well over 100 major improvements this year (new lifts, hotels, snowmaking etc).

Star ratings
We’ve always rated resorts using a star system, but this year we’ve increased them in the major resorts by 50%: so, if you want to know the best resorts for partying, freestyle or with good ski schools, for example - we’ve now applied stars to the relevant categories. Resorts are also now rated on overall family-suitability rather than mainly child care; this is all explained in our ‘Family holidays’ chapter. There are new sections for all of our 430+ resort chapters too.

And there’s more ...
That’s just a fraction of the book’s content: there are shortlists and more features to help you find your dream resort; plus annotated maps and a comprehensive directory summarising over 1,000 resorts. Oh, and we also sum-up those wicked snowfalls last season too.

Got your copy of the book yet?

Where to Ski and Snowboard 2010 is published by NortonWood Publishing and complemented by this website:

“If it isn’t the best, it won’t win readers and it won’t survive” [Where to Ski 1994]

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