Crystal app to guide skiers round resort

16th September 2014, by Abi Butcher

Crystal Ski's new app allows groups of friends to find each other on the mountain

Crystal Ski's new app allows groups of friends to find each other on the mountain

Crystal has developed an app that to guide clients around the mountain in place of ski hosts.

The Crystal Ski Explorer App 2.0, available for Android and iPhone, allows users to track their routes, find friends and message each other collectively. It also contains digital resort maps and offers recommended routes and suggestions for lunch restaurants based on the conditions the pistes are in that day as well as weather and snow.

The “suggestions” are uploaded by staff in resort, and only intended as guidance for clients, according to Crystal Ski managing director Simon Cross, who said the company had not looked into the legalities of route suggestions in resort.

Guiding clients around the mountain is currently impossible for tour operators in France, thanks to ongoing legal action against Le Ski and the Ski Club of Great Britain. While Crystal has not announced that this app will help circumnavigate the current ban, it is a blatant step in that direction.

“Routes are all on-piste and recommended by in-resort staff,” said Mr Cross.

The app is just one of a raft of new ways Crystal Ski is digitising its offering this winter. Clients will this winter have the option of a video call with resort staff before departing for their holiday, to discuss ski hire, special food requests, childcare and anything else they desire.

And even before people get as far as booking, a new game available via Crystal’s facebook page helps you choose which resort is best suited to your needs.

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