Crystal helps skiers count calories

26th January 2015, by Abi Butcher

Calculate the calories burnt, then enjoy the cheese!

Calculate the calories burnt, then enjoy the cheese!

Love the cheese, meat, vin chaud and beers on a ski holiday but don’t want to go up too many notches on the belt? Crystal Ski has come up with a nifty solution.

The world’s largest tour operator has produced a calorie counting tool to help you work out how many calories you’ve burnt on the slopes — so you know how many you can consume without guilt in the bar.

Just enter a ski resort from a range of the world’s best and most popular, gender, height, age and weight — as well as the time you spend on your chosen snow sport activity. Snowboarding will burn calories at a different rate to skiing, or tobogganing or cross-country skiing.

The app then lets you know how much partying you have burned off after a hard day on the slopes — and how much refuelling you can do in the evening.

Just show us that fondue! Find the calorie counter by clicking here.

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