Crystal offers free beginner skiing

5th September 2016, by Abi Butcher

Learn to ski or snowboard for free with Crystal and the Chill Factore

Learn to ski or snowboard for free with Crystal and the Chill Factore

If you book a beginner ski holiday this winter with Crystal Ski, you can start practicing for free before your trip — at Chill Factore in Manchester.

The new “Ski for Free” initiative offers up to £120 off a ski holiday and is supported by Snowsport England, which aims to get more people into skiing and snowboarding across the UK.

New skiers and snowboarders can choose from one of three beginner lesson packages at Chill Factore — a full one-day lesson, a two-day lesson or a week-long course* — and then redeem the price against a beginner’s holiday with Crystal.

Partnership manager James Nathan from Crystal Ski Holidays said: “We always seek to make snow sports more accessible, more fun and better value. This new initiative with Chill Factore allows anyone to take a beginner ski course and then redeem that cost against a ski holiday saving £120 per person which we think is undoubtedly great value”.

Bookings for the Ski for Free ski or snowboard packages can be made on the Chill Factore website using discount code Crystal120. The £120 discount on a Crystal holiday can then be redeemed by providing the booking confirmation at the Crystal retail shop at Chill Factore before 31 October 2016.

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