Elan launches folding ski

1st February 2021, by Abi Butcher

Elan has launched the world's first high-performance folding ski

Elan has launched the world's first high-performance folding ski

Slovenian ski manufacturer Elan has today launched the world’s first high-performance folding ski, making travel more convenient and cheaper thanks to the fact they will pack down to around 90cm in length.

After more than a decade in the making, Elan’s all-mountain Voyager ski launches today, and will be available in limited quantities in three different lengths — 160cm (127/78/110 which packs to 87cm), 166cm (127/78/110 which packs to 89cm) and 172cm (127/78/110 which packs to 93cm).

The Elan Voyager is available in 160cm, 166cm and 172cm lengths

The Voyager has a laminated Woodcore and RST sidewalls, while the “fold” is built with Elan’s new “Connect Technology” which uses a four-axis mechanism to bond and seal together the ski at the folding joint. A carbon-reinforced fusion plate serves as a load-bearing platform for support, on which the binding is mounted. The two give the Voyager torsional rigidity while at the same time allow the ski to fold easily into a compact, easy-to-transport package that fits with check-in baggage requirements.

The Elan Voyager folding ski is built with Amphibio technology that integrates both rocker and camber profiles into dedicated left and right skis. Elan says they are “precise and lively” but we can’t wait to try them.

The Elan Voyager with bindings, poles and custom bag measuring 100x26x16cm is priced at £1349.95. For more information visit elanskis.com/en

Watch the full launch video of Elan’s folding Voyager ski

A shorter video of the Elan Voyager folding ski being tested on snow

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