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23rd October 2018, by Abi Butcher

Fast Track EMS works all major muscle groups in a safe and balanced way

Fast Track EMS works all major muscle groups in a safe and balanced way

Champoluc specialist Ski 2 has teamed up with Hampshire-based Fast Track EMS Personal Training to help clients get fit for their ski holiday.

Fast Track EMS is the latest in fitness technology;  offering fast results for fitness, muscle development, toning and weight loss in just one 20-minute session a week, thanks to the use of electro-muscle stimulation (EMS) that works all major muscle groups in a safe and balanced way.

EMS works by making your muscles contract via gentle electrical impulses, while you perform classic personal training exercises — squats, lunges and core work — geared towards your specific goals. One 20-minute session is the equivalent of 90 minutes in the gym.

Ski-focused personal training works to boost your leg strength and power, help to develop core stability and balance, build your lower back muscles, get your glutes firing properly and by improving your all-round fitness.

“Most of us are hoping to do six hours of skiing, six days in a row, so unless you have a decent level of fitness and strength you will have to cut your days short, suffer from aching backs and sore limbs and generally feel exhausted,” says Tom Corcoran, owner of Fast Track EMS.

He adds: “If you want to make the most of your limited times on the slopes each year then working on your strength and fitness before you leave will make a huge difference. You will be able to ski longer, faster and better and reduce the chance of falling and injury.”

When you book your ski holiday with Ski 2 this winter, every adult travelling will receive one free EMS personal training session, and the change to get two further free sessions when you book a block of five. While the free sessions must take place at Fast Track EMS studios in Twyford and Winchester, paid-for sessions can be mobile and at a venue of your choice.

Fast Track Personal Training and Ski 2 have teamed up to offer an exclusive deal to help you get ski fit for your holiday. Fast Track EMS offer a special, ski focused personal training programme which focuses on:

* Boosting leg strength and power
* Helping to develop core stability and balance
* Building lower back muscles
* Getting glutes firing properly
* Improving all-round fitness

Email to book your free session and quote your Ski 2 booking reference. For more information about Fast Track EMS, visit

To book your ski holiday with Ski 2, visit

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