Glen Plake comes to Kendal Fest

29th September 2010, by Chris Gill

Standing out from the crowd

Standing out from the crowd

What five questions would you ask a legendary skier, with a pioneering haircut?

Well, ok it does not need to be five (we just figured that was a good number) but think about it … you may get your chance to chat to Glen Plake, when he shows up for the Kendal Mountain Film Festival this year.

American Plake – as well known in the ski world for his Mohican hair cut, as for his daring descents on the world’s mountains – will be talking about his life and passion for snow at the Kendal event in November.

The Kendal Festival runs from 18-21 November, with a Snowsports night on the Friday 18 September. Glen Plake will give a special presentation then, but is also lined up to speak on the Saturday evening too. ‘Life on the Mountain’ starts at 21:30pm in the Parish Hall.

The Festival is packed full of interesting films, lectures, competition and presentations. You can attend an individual event, or choose a film pass and spend all day watching mountain movies. Good plan if it’s raining and soggy hill walking does not beckon. Your call.

Remember the film the Blizzard of Aahs? You could ask Plake about that one. Classic eighties ski movie, and still popular …

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