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23rd October 2010, by Chris Gill

Aprés-ski Italian style (or maybe without the 'style')

Aprés-ski Italian style (or maybe without the 'style')

Michael Jackson, eat your heart out ... Not news, but we think this makes aprés-ski video clip of the month. So it has to be shared.

And we thought the Italians were real fashion gurus? Not quite sure about this lot. Terrific. All good fun, and really puts us in the party mood for the slopes; finishing the day with a vin chaud (or in this region, probably a bombardino) and a bit of a boogie. If they were wearing this last winter, then perhaps they’ll be upgrading to Willyfinder suits next!

If you have any funny aprés-ski movies to share with us, point us at You Tube or send them in, and we’ll post the best throughout the season.

If you’re wondering about the location; it is from a region of small resorts close to Lake Garda, on Monte Baldo.

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