Livigno festival revisits the 70’s

9th March 2010, by Chris Gill

Last year's outfits! Livigno Free Heel Fest [M Maggioni]

Last year's outfits! Livigno Free Heel Fest [M Maggioni]

Livigno’s annual ‘Free Heel Fest’ is taking us back to the flower-power days, celebrating the 1970s – telemark ski style.

The Free Heel Festival takes place 20-27 March, when telemark enthusiasts gather for a week of competition and cultural events.  Anyone can join in the fun, though, and have a go at telemark skiing too.
This year’s theme is the 70’s, and the resort will be filled with events from the decade.  Many people like to dress-up to take part, so expect to see the flares, daisies, and turtle-necks. Some of the highlights include mountain dinners, a film and photographic exhibition, various 1970s themed parties and more serious competitions on the slopes.
The festival programme also includes children’s events and equipment testing.  Group lessons in telemark will be available most days; two-day courses start at 45 euros.

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