More skiers choosing Airbnb and self-catering

15th November 2018, by Abi Butcher

According to the latest LISTEX report, increasing numbers of skiers are self-catering

According to the latest LISTEX report, increasing numbers of skiers are self-catering

Increasing numbers of UK skiers are opting for Airbnb and self-catering accommodation — and booking online — according to research just published by LISTEX, the London International Snowsports Trade Exchange.

Founded in 2012, LISTEX brings together tour operators, resorts, hoteliers, transfer companies, ski schools, retailers, equipment contractors and the media. The report on the State of the Snowsports Market in the UK, published online this week, compares the under-35s demographic with the rest of the skiing market in the UK.

Among the key findings are the news that, while catered chalets and four-star hotels remain the most popular accommodation choices, Airbnb and self-catering accommodation are dramatically more popular choices among skiers under 35. It also showed that online booking is by far the preferred option for the whole UK ski market, and even more so among those under 35 — and the majority of UK holidaymakers book more than three months in advance of their holiday in the hope of securing the holiday they want, rather than to wait for snow and late deals.

Other interesting findings include the news that France is the most popular destination for UK skiers, though Canada is the most favoured “dream” destination.

The report’s findings also back up efforts by ski resorts to provide alternative attractions and activities for skiers; with the news that almost 30% of the market take at least one day off skiing on a typical week long ski holiday. For skiers and snowboarders under the age of 35, this grows to 40%, showing the growing demand for a more varied winter holiday.

If you want to read more, the report is available online at


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