New craze for fake panda eyes

4th November 2013, by Abi Butcher

A ruse? Women are reportedly wearing ski goggles while having a spray tan

A ruse? Women are reportedly wearing ski goggles while having a spray tan

How to get an instant ski-holiday hit without the investment? Go into a spray tan booth with your ski goggles on, apparently.

The ski goggle tan is this season’s latest fashion accessory — or at least so says the Daily Mail — sparked by celebrity Kim Kardashian posting a picture of herself with what appear to be ski goggle tan lines.

Now beauty salons across the UK are reporting a rise in the number of people asking for a fake ski tan.

One salon, Beauty Direction, in London Victoria has even invested in a ski mask to offer its customers after a “quite staggering” increase in requests for panda eyes.

A spokesman for the salon told the Daily Mail: “To start with I had no idea what they were doing. They come in with a ski mask and come out of the tanning booth with big white patches on their eyes. I asked one girl why she does it and she said incredibly that it’s the latest fashion to have a fake ski tan – to make it look like you’ve been to skiing.”

At WTSS, we think it’s all a bit odd, especially considering the only goggle marks you’re likely to have at this time of year is from skiing on a glacier where you’re hardly likely to pick up some panda eyes.

Rumours have it on twitter that the story was sparked off by PR staff for the spray tan industry, but why spoil the fun.

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