North Korea builds ‘world class’ resort

6th June 2013, by Abi Butcher

North Korea's leader wants a resort to rival Pyeongchang in South Korea

North Korea's leader wants a resort to rival Pyeongchang in South Korea

A new “world class” ski resort is being built in North Korea ready for next winter.

The country’s supreme leader, Kim Jong-un has ordered his military to build a resort on the site of the Masik Pass Skiing Ground on the east coast.

Local speculation suggests he wants it to rival the facilities being built in South Korea for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, and may even attempt a bid to co-host the Games that will take place in the South Korean resort of Pyeongchang.

In the South Korean resort, a ski jumping stadium, cross-country and biathlon stadia are being built, all connected by a walkway. Ski jumps, practice jumps and a three-lift recreational skiing area are also being constructed.

According to a report on Korean Central News Agency, Kim Jong-un’s plans for the resort include the creation of 109km of pistes for beginners, intermediates and advanced skiers, as well as a hotel, cable cars and a heliport.

He has ordered the build to be finished ready for the start of this season, and sanctioned the production of skiing equipment and clothing. North Korea cannot import luxury goods due to sanctions imposed by the UN over Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile programmes.

Kim Jong-un spent seven years at school near Bern in Switzerland, and it is believed he started to ski during that time. Last week he paid a visit to the Masik Pass Skiing Ground to check on progress. In a message broadcast on KCNA last week, he said the resort will “provide the people and school youth and children with highly civilised and happy living conditions”.


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