Norway’s summer skiing ends early

23rd July 2010, by Chris Gill

Stryn summer ski centre [ Berstatten Stryn]

Stryn summer ski centre [ Berstatten Stryn]

Three of Norway’s summer ski areas have closed prematurely, due to hot weather.

A lack of fresh snow and high temperatures have been to blame for the early closure of Stryn, Galdhøpiggan and Folgefonn ski areas - all of which normally offer summer skiing until at least August.

Stryn is one of the better known summer ski areas in Norway and used to be a popular training ground for the former Italian racer Alberto Tomba, but stopped the skiing on 4 July after a very short summer season. The centre had already been highlighted earlier in the year as struggling economically, but has been reportedly saved from closure. 

Galhøpiggan announced its closure for summer snow sports earlier this week, due to blue ice on the glacier slopes. Part of the problem has also been a drier than usual winter in Norway, so snow depths were already lower than average.

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