Online avalanche talk

18th November 2009, by Chris Gill

Off the beaten piste ...

Off the beaten piste ...

Henry’s Avalanche Talk (HAT) and the Ski Club of Great Britain have arranged the first live online avalanche talk – and it is tonight (18 November).

The live broadcast is taking place at 7pm and features a talk by Henry Schniewind from HAT. Participants will also be able to ask any questions about the talk and avalanche awareness in general. The idea is that you can learn some of the basics before you travel.

The HAT series of UK talks has also proved a popular event at Snow n Rock stores up and down the country. The online broadcast is a new idea that the Ski Club hopes will prove as successful.

Tonight’s talk costs £7 per person to take part. Log on to to register. Those who register will also be able to see a recording of the talk for seven days after the event.

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